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We got Married!

The Romantic
Feat. HanKyung and YooChun
PG for man-romance
Disclaimer: No profit, don’t own, for entertainment only
Notes: This is the second installment of the We Got Married!Verse fics featuring Super Junior and this time with surprise guest, Micky YooChun of TVXQ!

Long fingers curled about the hem of the jacket draped about HanKyung’s slim figure, unconsciously tugging on the fabric in nervousness as he made his way up the path that would take him to his new “wife.” He had no idea who the person would be, neither LeeTeuk nor the producers had told him, and over and over again he’d run through in his mind which one of the members it would be. Already he’d pictured every possible scenario, with every possible man, at least a hundred times, and each one only seemed to be more and more awkward and uncomfortable. Doting over the pink-clad SungMin, coaxing his temper to settle so as to protect himself from this generation’s Bruce Lee, or being trapped in a house with the exuberant DongHae, sharing heart-warming words deep into the night about whether or not aliens were real… His nose wrinkled, furrowing just at the tip as he shook the thought from his head.

Those slow but steady footsteps came to a halt as HanKyung spotted a figure before him, tall and slim and handsome, and very familiar, though very much unexpected. It was a scenario he hadn’t pictured as YooChun seemed suddenly aware of his presence, dark eyes coming to rest upon him, a soft, unsure smile gracing his lips. He seemed like he’d just stepped out of a drama with a dash of deep red contrasting with the warm beige of his coat, the lead man that made all of the aunts watching swoon, and HanKyung could feel his heart begin to race as YooChun began to walk towards him. He didn’t seem surprised at all, as if he’d been expecting HanKyung, and as he approached the dancer he held out a single rose to him.

“It’s for you, HanKyung-shi,” he said, his voice a deep bass, and finally HanKyung returned to reality, having been lost in his own thoughts. Sheepishly he bowed his head, accepting the rose from the other. “Happy white day,” he heard as he peered into the swirl of crimson petals, and he knew at that moment that it was not him going to meet his “wife,” it was him going to meet his “husband.” Yet, strangely, that didn’t bother him as much as he thought it might, and he lifted his eyes to meet the other’s.

“Thank you, YooChun-shi,” he replied, his words soft in his shyness. He always felt insecure speaking in Korean in front of others. His band mates teased him often for it, though they’d known him long enough to understand his thick accent. Already thoughts began to form in his mind, picturing himself stumbling over his words and embarrassing himself in front of the other, perhaps even insulting him, but he found himself dragged from those thoughts as YooChun spoke once again, his deep voice commanding and impossible to ignore.

“This is sort of awkward,” he said, eyes crinkling in the corners as he chuckled nervously, and it made HanKyung feel a little better, knowing that he wasn’t the only one put out of his element.

“It is,” HanKyung agreed, lips parting in his own awkward, yet very endearing smile, and he found himself chuckling as well. Soon they were both laughing; at what, they weren’t exactly sure, but it was pleasant nonetheless and the smiles lingered even as their laughter settled.

“Well then,” YooChun started, a hand raising to rub at his hair, very soft looking hair, HanKyung thought, as he watched the man’s fingers slip through those warm chestnut strands. “There’s a bakery nearby that’s really nice, let’s go there before going to our new home, nae?” he suggested, and HanKyung nodded, the couple coming together naturally side by side as they began to head back down the path. Each time the wind blew, it seemed to carry the scent of the singer’s cologne, a sweet yet spicy scent that mad the hairs on the back of HanKyung’s neck stand up, and he found himself leaning into the warmth that radiated from the other, fingers curling into the hem of his jacket once again, his heart beating harder than before.

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