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Super Junior Trax Epik High Fanfic

Be part 2/2
Feat. Tablo and Henry/mentions of Jay Kim and HeeChul, with appearances from the rest of Epik High and Super Junior.
R-light NC-17
Disclaimer: So about Henry and that violin. And nudity. Yeah. That would be occurring while Tablo serenades me with a hawt rap.
Notes: This was written for starbeams after an amusing exchange of comments on my previous fic. <3 I hope you enjoy it, though it's not BloHyuk~!

Part One

After that evening, Henry stayed in close contact with Tablo, exchanging texts with him whenever he could find a free moment. His words were playful, their meetings comfortable, and it was HeeChul who first noted this. He and the violinist were in the studio, him watching as Henry moved so fluidly to the music that seemed to reverberate about the room. His skills were enviable, dancing seeming to come so naturally to him, and when he finally came to a stop and reached for his water bottle, HeeChul grinned.

“I bet Tablo likes it when you dance like that.”

Henry’s eyes widened, nearly choking on his water as it flooded his mouth, spilling past his lips to dribble onto his shirt. “Hyung!” he exclaimed in between coughs. “Don’t say things like that! Tablo and I are friends- normal friends, not like you and Jay.” Though his tone was reprimanding, he himself was smiling slightly even as he wiped the water from his face. It drew a laugh out of HeeChul though, the one he’d heard Jay say he hated so many times, but the older man always did it anyway.
“But I bet you could be,” he replied wickedly. Henry shook his head, merely brushing off the other’s words with a graceful movement of his hand. Though, he’d be lying if he said the thought didn’t linger in his mind.

Henry found it too ironic when that same night, he found himself locked out of his dorm room. The key he’d placed in his bag before heading to the studio had somehow gone missing, and he was sure HeeChul had some part to play in its sudden disappearance, as well as the disappearance of all the Super Junior members. Endlessly he’d knocked on both doors, hoping someone would answer, but after fifteen minutes he’d officially given up. As if on cue, he heard the familiar pinging of his cellphone, and quickly he fished it out of his bag.

HeeChul said you’d be getting home, you up for a movie at my place?

Henry wanted to frown, but he found himself replying, fingers moving over the keys.

Sure, do you mind if I use your shower? It’s a long story.

He pressed send, wondering how awkward that must seem. He and Tablo hadn’t been friends for very long at all, and yet he was asking to use his shower! But, he’d rather suffer that awkwardness than smell like sweat, especially if he was going to be hanging out with Tablo for any unknown amount of time. Moments later his phone pinged again.

Uh okay? I’ll be there soon.

True to his words, Tablo’s car pulled up in front of the dorm hardly more than ten minutes later. Henry rose to his feet, smiling offhandedly as he walked towards the vehicle. He climbed inside, placing his duffle bag on his lap, and he turned his eyes onto Tablo.
“I lost my key, and no one was home,” he explained right away. “Just my luck, huh?” He chuckled softly, reaching up to brush his hair out of his eyes. “I was at the studio all day, so please ignore my stink until we get to your house.” His smile was apologetic, but Tablo waved his words off with a chuckle of his own.
“It’s fine, you really don’t smell anyway.” He replied nonchalantly. “If you did, your ass would be walking.” He grinned playfully, putting his car into drive and taking off towards his apartment.

Henry couldn’t help but feel awkward as he stood there, naked, in Tablo’s bathroom. He could just barely make out his features through the misted mirror, and vaguely he wondered, did Tablo think about him? Surely, he thought about him, as they were close friends, but did he think about him. Did he wonder what his plush lips would feel like beneath his own, or-
Henry forced those thoughts out of his mind, as it simply wouldn’t do to be caught in such a predicament in only a towel. He was quite sure the fates had something against him though when he heard a knock on the door, and making sure his towel was well-tucked, he went to answer it. “Nae?” he said, opening the door to find Tablo there with an armful of clothes.
“Did you need anything to wear?” he asked, the clothes in his arm made of a soft, inviting-looking cotton, and amazingly casual. Henry had merely thought he’d be showering then putting his sweaty clothes back on, but this worked far better, although, he wondered briefly if it was too intimate. Oftentimes when Henry became lost in his thoughts, Tablo enjoyed rousing him from them with a teasing word or a warm laugh, but this time, he remained silent, and the violinist awoke from them on his own only to find the rapper in a similar state… Except that his eyes were directed towards Henry’s chest, as if he was taking in the smooth velvet that covered the hardened steel of his well-worked muscles. His body itself was a master of deceit, seeming almost delicate in the warm caramel of his skin and the flatness in his stomach, and then in the almost feminine curves of his waist, something his friends from Super Junior enjoyed teasing him about, but Tablo seemed to have nothing but interest in them.
“I’ll take them,” Henry said suddenly, feeling strangely exhilarated. His hips seemed to sway of their own account as he took that last step towards the other, bringing them very close as he took the clothes offered by the other.
“Kay, I’ll be in the living room waiting,” Tablo replied, his voice airy, as if his words were becoming lost somewhere between his throat and his lips. Henry could only smile, and he turned around, heading further into the bathroom once again. Once he heard the click of the bathroom door, he began to change, his thoughts and heart racing. Perhaps what HeeChul had said to him had held some truth within it, and the question now was what to do about it. Whether Henry should ignore it as if it were nothing, or accept such knowledge, he wasn’t sure. Pulling on Tablo’s shirt, he glanced in the mirror once again, the glass now clearer. The pants were low-slung, the shirt seeming to cling just so, just barely meeting the hem of his pants due to his superior height, but in the back of his mind, he thought that he’d never looked better.
He found Tablo on the couch, leaning forward on his knees, his cheeks flushed softly. From the doorway he watched him for a moment, taking in his frazzled demeanor, and then he was moving to lower himself down on the cushion beside the older man. “Hey,” he said softly, and Tablo lifted his head in surprise.
“Oh, hey, I’ve got the movie in,” he said with an uneasy smile, and rising to his feet, he shut off the light, dimming the room so only the bluish glow of the TV illuminated them. Returning to the couch, he picked up the remote and pressed play, a classic American film coming on. The small gestures Tablo did, they touched Henry, such as picking out a film in English so that he was able to watch it and enjoy it more thoroughly.
Henry could feel Tablo’s eyes on him often throughout the movie, but he didn’t dare glance his way, instead completely absorbing himself within the plot of the film. It seemed to end sooner than he’d expected though, and he was then left with nothing but to face the older man, so he turned to face him with a soft smile. “You have good taste,” he said, doing his best to remain casual and not let his shyness swallow him then. “I should text the guys though to see if they’re home yet, though…” He didn’t want to be imposing, though he wasn’t so sure Tablo would mind if he hung about.
As he began to text HeeChul, he wondered if perhaps the only reason Tablo was behaving so differently was because of what the older man had said. Perhaps it was all in Henry’s mind, and he was only noticing these things because he was thinking of them, and even wanted them. He sent his message, and a moment later, his phone pinged softly.

Yeah, we’re home now, but why end the night early? And you’re welcome.

Henry wrinkled his nose at that, putting his phone away. “HeeChul’s home, so, I guess I should get going…” His words trailed off, and he began to rise from the couch.
“Yeah…” came Tablo’s soft reply, and he began to stand as well. Henry followed close behind him as they made their way to the door, slinging his duffle bag over his shoulder, and he began to put his shoes on when he realized that Tablo was standing there, making no effort whatsoever to get his on.

“Blo?” Henry asked, standing straight. “You just gonna stand there or what?” His words were playful, though his heart was truthfully hammering away at his ribcage, his stomach twisting in nervousness, in expectation. Tablo shook his head, turning to face Henry. Slowly the violinist lowered his bag, looking at the older man in innocent confusion, deceiving of the thoughts that were playing through his mind- was Tablo going to kiss him?

“Henry, I-“ he started. “Listen… Chul told me you’d be stuck at the dorms, so that I could come pick you up.” The way he spoke, it was as if it were some huge secret he was revealing, though Henry had thought that in his heart that it was too much of a coincidence. He was sure there was more though, that this was only the tip of the iceberg, and the thought made his heart flutter. “This night was supposed to go differently, but I’m a coward…”

“Tablo, how so?” he asked, his voice soft, and it seemed to be quite the effort for the older man to look at him evenly.
“You’re a good friend of mine, Henry, but-“ he paused for a moment, faltering, faltering- “Aish-“ He moved forward, leaning in quickly until his lips were covering Henry’s. The violinist’s eyes widened, staring awkwardly for a moment before hesitantly letting his eyes close. He could feel Tablo relax as he found that he wasn’t pushed away, and instead he moved closer, a daring arm wrapping about Henry’s waist.

Letting his bag lower the rest of the way to the floor, completely letting go of it, Henry’s arms came up to drape over Tablo’s shoulders, bringing them almost chest to chest as their kiss grew hotter, moist and open-mouthed. An unbridled passion came over Henry, and he knew at that moment that he’d been waiting for this to happen since Tablo had first spoken to him, taking his breath away with that simple English. The rapper seemed to sense this, taste this, and his hands grew more bold. He let them slide down his back, and then up past the hem of Henry’s shirt, and unknowingly Henry let out a soft moan, his back arching into Tablo’s hands.

Having been so intent on leaving earlier, they soon found themselves in Tablo’s loft, shedding their clothing with the aid of each other’s hands. Henry’s eyes were tightly closed as Tablo’s hand gripped his smooth thigh tightly, bringing the supple limb up about his waist as his lips moved down the column of his neck. With every inhale he could catch the essence of sex and something that was distinctly Henry, lingering with the scent of his own soap- and he loved it. He had taken to mind that the violinist was young and never had done this before, his touches affectionate and soothing as he prepared him liberally for what was to come. Even so, it hurt, and Henry gasped painfully when he felt Tablo’s arousal inside of him. He could hear the rapper’s soft gasps of pleasure though, the curses and praises whispered as he waited for Henry to become accustomed to his girth, and when he did, Henry felt as if the breath had been ripped from his lungs the first time the older man thrusted into him. He was clawing at Tablo’s shoulders, clinging to him, thighs clenched tight and demanding about the older man once the pleasure began to wash over him. It was almost maddening, unlike anything Henry had ever known, and he couldn’t stem the moans of his lover’s name if he had wanted to. He writhed beneath him, the pleasure all at once becoming mind-blowing and overwhelming as he felt Tablo’s hand curl about him, stroking him to release with him.

Henry was left there, panting desperately against Tablo’s cheek as the light weight of the other covered him, the two of them shivering softly from the remnants of their release. Henry couldn’t help but feel strangely empty after something so amazing, but the feelings were quelled as the older man began to rain kisses upon his face and neck, “Henry…” he breathed between kisses. “I’ve wanted this for so long…” Distantly Henry could hear the cars as they passed, and the ticking of a nearby clock, and even the beating of his own heart, but Tablo’s words rang louder than any of those despite how softly they escaped the rapper’s lips. Henry couldn’t help but smile, catching Tablo’s cheeks in his hands, stilling him. No words were needed as his gaze met the others, his eyes dark and glittering in the streetlights that gleamed through the window. He really would have to thank HeeChul later, he noted in the back of his mind as he pressed his lips to Tablo’s sweetly.

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