ALEXiS (mitsumete_ai) wrote,

Super Junior M fanfic

One - You are wandering through death (I'll save you...)
Feat. Henry x Mystery Member revealed through reading, SiHan
PG13 for mentionings of sex
Disclaimer: Don't own, if I did, Henry would be naked playing the violin for me at this moment.
Notes: I love Epik High. Also, I love my SujuMAN OTP <3. Also, I love you if you read this. The person who comments first gets to participate in naked eyebrow wrestling with me, SiWon style. One more also, this is the first time I've written in a looooong time, so I'm a bit rusty. Be gentle, plz? Haha~

I dedicate this to my Anae, who is my fellow pairing-shipper through and through.

“Does it have to be HanGeng?” The words curled in a hot breath about Henry’s ear, dark eyes piercing his own through the mirror before them. He could feel the older man’s body behind him, pressed in tight, the warmth he offered almost overwhelming against Henry’s back. He wanted to look away from the intimate sight, but the longing in the other’s eyes kept his gaze locked there, taking in the man’s slight form that seemed to meld so well with his own, but so differently from what his dreams were filled with. Plush lips parted as searching fingers slipped just beneath the hem of his shirt, searing the soft skin of his lower belly.

“Let me be here for you, Henry… Let me be the one who takes that sadness from your eyes…” Henry could feel the warmth of his words on his cheek then, the older man’s face very close to his own, lips just brushing that rounded curve as he spoke.

“But, without him-“ Henry started, though his words were soon cut off.

“And with him?” the other asked. “What do you have with him, other than friendship? You know very well that he-“
“Is in love with SiWon…” Henry finished, his voice very soft. He wasn’t ignorant of how the dancer’s eyes tended to lean towards the handsome man, nor how their touches lingered just moments longer than need be, and the warm smiles they would exchange. He would’ve given anything to be on the receiving end of one of those smiles, so that he might return it with one of his own. “I know…” he said, hardly above a whisper.

“If you know, then stop.” The man pulled away slightly, fixing his eyes on Henry’s once again in the mirror of their shared hotel room. “Every day I see your heart breaking, I watch as your spirit crumbles. You don’t know how much it hurts me, Henry.” He spoke almost desperately, eyes glassy, catching the light that spilled through the bathroom door onto where they stood. “Let me save you from that, Henry. I know I can…” His fingers slid across the young violinist’s stomach once again, tracing the lower curve of his navel. The words, the touch, it caused Henry’s heart to swell, a feeling he wanted to shy away from. He was saving himself for the Chinese man he felt so strongly for, clinging to what remained of his hope. Perhaps one day, any day, HanGeng would look his way, and if he gave into this man now, it could all be ruined.

“Let me love you, Henry… Like no one else can…”

The words were creeping into his mind, into his heart, and he wasn’t sure of what to do. He was only vaguely aware of those hot trails the man’s hand left behind on his stomach, the ache of his heart so strong it hurt, and he shifted slightly in the embrace. “I….” he started, his words trailing off as his gaze finally fell away from the other’s. They were so close, they seemed almost intertwined, besocked feet patterned with unfamiliar cartoon faces lingering with his own. His eyes lifted, finding the other man’s in the mirror once again, and all at once he was almost overwhelmed with the emotion he found there. It struck right through his heart. “DongHae-“ was all he could breath, and then a warm hand was on his cheek, guiding it gently.

“Henry...” DongHae murmured back, and then dark lashes were lowering, the older man’s handsome face disappearing in darkness as their lips met. Henry’s heart was beating madly, fluttering dangerously, and he felt lightheaded. It was all he could do to let himself be turned in the other’s embrace, his own hands coming up, clinging to DongHae with desperation, with need, because he needed him to fill that gradually growing hole in his heart. Lips parted, hands moving as DongHae pulled him closer, kissing him as if he needed him to live, to breathe, and Henry was returning it, their chests pressed together intimately.

That evening, Henry found himself in bed beside the older man. A protective arm lay draped about his waist, keeping him close even in his sleep as DongHae’s warm breath tickled over his neck with each slow exhale. He could feel his chest rising and falling against his side in time with his own, his skin very soft and a bit sticky from their endeavors, but it wasn’t particularly unpleasant. It wasn’t what he’d dreamed of his first time with a man being like, slow and romantic as the dancer’s body moved above his own. It was hot and full of passion, hands desperate to touch the other, taking in everything the other was hungrily. It was real, and even as Henry’s eyes began to close, he felt in the bottom of his heart that he was perhaps just waking up.

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