ALEXiS (mitsumete_ai) wrote,

The Writing Process

Started off as this-

With a smile that didn't reach your eyes,
You said you loved me,
And I, the fool, was drawn in.

With that promise you made so long ago,
I will move forward,
Even if these warm words no longer reach your heart.

The words you whispered still linger in my ear
And I'm here, searching for you.

With an impossible longing for you,
I've lost my way,
My heart seeking a love that has gone stale.

Random thoughts thrown together.

Ended as this-

"And in this world in which love is incapable of sin,
I find myself on an endless path, always circling,
Moving forward only with the words you whispered in my ear.
It's an impossible longing, a desire unfulfilled that gives my life meaning,
Nourishes me, destroys me.

Your words that were a puzzle, twisted around
And unintelligable, as if spoken by a foreign tongue,
I find hope within them and hold them as my lantern to guide my way
Through this winding labyrinth, casting away shadows
That speak of naiveté and deception.

A love that was spoken with a mona lisa smile,
A warmth that didn't reach your eyes, I was helpless,
A fool, drawn in; but with that promise you made so long ago,
I will move forward, even if those words no longer reach your heart.
Just smile at me once more."

Unfinished. Probably never will be. Disliked. Likely to be deleted.

No real meaning behind it, I was just listening to Pierrot, and Pierrot does that, hah.

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